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New Puppy Check List!

-Puppy food... You will be sent home with some. If you wish to change your puppies food please follow the directions given to you at pick up. You CAN NOT switch a puppies food all at once.

- Puppy treats (small-size treats to reinforce a puppy’s good behavior during training)

-Water & food bowls (weighted ones are GREAT new puppies have a tendency to turn them over)

- Safe toys (toys that can’t be torn up, chewed apart, swallowed, or entangled you will be sent home with one)

- Bed (buy to fit grown dog)

-Crate (for training & travel)

- Collar

- Leash

- Puppy ID tag (for help in the safe return of your puppy if ever lost)

-Pet shampoo

- Dog grooming brush (This is especially important with your Miniature Schnauzer)

- Flea control products appropriate for puppy use

- Pooper scooper

- Ear cleanser (ear cleaning if highly important for good ear health)

- Carpet stain remover

- Pee pads or black/white print newspaper for training. Some colored ink can be unhealthy for puppies.

- NuVet vitamins (you will be sent home with a few) to order yours visit or call 1-800-474-7044 use order code 74581