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Breeders of Excellent Pet Quality Miniature Schnauzers and Cane Corso Italiano.


When your puppy is ready to leave we will schedule a time for you to come pick him/her up. When you come for pick up we will go over everything that your puppy has been up to and what you need to do to keep your puppy healthy and happy!

Our puppies are ready to go no earlier than 8 weeks. On some occasions we will keep your puppy longer when necessary for your puppy safety.  

Your puppy is to be picked up within THREE days of the designated pick up date. 

If arrangements are not made ahead of time and I do not hear from you, your deposit and puppy will be forfeited and your puppy will be back on the market after the THREE days.

 We do on occasions keep puppies longer if you need, there is a charge of $10.00 per day (after the 3 day grace period) for this service as well as $30 for any additional vaccinations given. Arrangements must be made in advance for this option. We do not board dogs/puppies, this is an offer for our puppies already in our care.



We do offer to meet within a reasonable distance. There is a charge for fuel with meeting. The amount charged will be determined depending on destination.

***NOW OFFERING*** We are now offering the option of having your puppy delivered to your door by one of us. Your puppy will be with us at all times. Additional charges do apply for this option price is determined depending on location.

Also, most airlines offer an in cabin puppy carry on at a very reasonable price. We have had a lot of customers fly in and us meet them at the airport with their puppy. Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We also are willing to fly and deliver your puppy to you for the charge of round trip ticket.

In most occasions in cabin is no more expensive than having a puppy shipped to you and it is safer for your puppy to have you with them at all time.  

The health of our puppies and dogs is and always will be our TOP priority. There are many diseases that are dangerous, as well as, deadly to dogs and for this reason we are very particular about who visits, when and how the visit goes. Diseases can be carried on your clothing and shoes and can be picked up any place you have been. One commonly known disease is Parvo, a very dirty word in the breeding business (or dog world of any kind) and can kill all of our puppies on the premises as well as keep us from having any future litters for some time. Parvo is out an about fierce right now and is even hitting dogs that have been vaccinated (though not as severely) because the strain has shifted some.  

We will under no circumstances allow any visitors who do not have a real interest in purchasing a particular puppy. Puppies are to be AT LEAST 6 weeks of age before we allow visitors and you will be asked to remove your shoes and use sanitizer before entering. You will only be permitted to meet the parents to your puppy and meet your puppy or the available puppies. As you would not want strangers playing or visiting with your puppy that you have placed a deposit on and are waiting to pick up. We have a designated area in our home where you can be permitted to play with and visit the parents of YOUR puppy as well as YOUR puppy when they are of age. No one under any circumstances will be allowed to visit any birthing areas or areas where mommies or any of our other fur babies are kept. These policies are not in place for you to be made to feel like we are hiding something from you these are in place to keep our pets safe. It is not only our business that is at stake it is the LIVES of our fur children and fur grandchildren. Any one that does not understand or respect our policy will not be permitted into our home and will not be considered as a new family for one of our puppies. We have been AKC inspected and passed with flying colors. Under no circumstance do we need to "sell a puppy so badly" that we will jeopardize the health and safety of our dogs.

 This is OUR home this is not an outside business so please call and schedule your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time and please be on time. We are also a family with six children, we generally have a schedule that we have to stick closely to. Also, we will no longer allow visits during the week days. Saturday visits are best and we will only do PICK UPS on Sundays when no other time can be arranged. On occasion when there is absolutely no other way we will do a Sunday visit, however, we try to stay "closed" on Sunday and keep the day strictly for our family.  Sadly, to many scary things have happened and we feel it is best for the safety of our family to only allow visitors at these times.  


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