Smith Pets Family Farm 

Breeders of Excellent Pet Quality Miniature Schnauzers and Cane Corso Italiano.


- Health guarantee to protect you against death of your puppy/dog from a genetic defect. 1 year for schnauzers 2 years for corsos

-Your puppies registration (ONLY IF PURCHASING WITH PAPERS)Limited AKC registration after spay/neuter contract has been met for schnauzer, Limited AKC &ICCF registration or full to preapproved homes for Corsos. These are unless pet only without paper option has been chosen.

-1st flea treatment (given before leaving for their new home)

-Shot Record (puppies are given their first vaccination by us at 6 weeks.)

 -Copy of Worming Schedule (puppies are wormed by us every two weeks beginning at age two weeks.)

-Information on your Specific Breed

-Safety Information for your new puppy

-House training information

-Feeding schedule

-Transition Food

-Grooming information

-Food change directions

-Plus tons more helpful information

- Once you place a deposit you will be updated every week or two with a picture. Until you are ready to come and pick up your precious baby.  

- Home for life. Your puppy will always be a part of our family. If for some reason down the road your situation was to change and you are unable to care for your baby return him/her to us. If you are within a reasonable distance for us to come and get them we will.

-Schnauzers can be given their first hair cut if REQUESTED by 6 weeks of age. 

***As of January 1, 2011 puppies going to their new homes between November 1 and March 31 will NOT have their first haircuts. 

- Microchipped before they leave with lifetime enrollment.





-collar tag with your puppies home information

- NuVet vitamin starter (you will need to order a supply to do so you can visit or call (800)474-7044 use Order code 74581

- and US any time you have any questions about anything, anytime or anywhere you call me and I will do my very best to help you for the rest of your puppies life!