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Breeding Rights Application 

This application ONLY needs to be filled out if you would like to be considered for full registration and breeding rights for a certain puppy. Please make sure you have filled out the puppy application before this one. All questions must be answered and will be reviewed before a decision is made. We take great pride in our babies and will only sell breeding rights to families that share our devotion to doing things the way they should be done.


Email Address*

Breed and sex of puppy you are applying for?*

How long have you been breeding?

What breeds do you currently breed?*

How many litters do you raise yearly?*

What genetic testing has been performed on your breeders?*

What registries' are your current breeders with and are you in good standing with them?*

Tell us as much information about your breeding program as you can.*

Website and Facebook link *

Your vets name and phone number*

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