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Ammo and Arsenal

I purchased my cane corso, Maverick, from Smith Pets Family Farm in August 2017. I cannot explain the joy my big boy has brought to me. Adding Maverick to my little family was the best decision of my life. The Smiths did a tremendous job in their work. Maverick, along with his parents and siblings, are the most beautiful cane corsos I've ever seen. If you want a great snuggle buddy, loyal companion, and a family protector, I highly encourage purchasing a cane corso from Smith Pets.

The Smiths


Ammo and Arsenal

My husband and I discussed owning a Cane Corso for many years but were a bit apprehensive due to the sheer size of this breed. We had never owned a dog this large and I was concerned about bringing a giant into our home with our granddaughter and smaller dogs. We did a fair amount of research and felt pretty confident we knew what we were getting into when we started looking. I found Smith Pets online and reached out to Stephanie with endless questions. She was patient and answered all of my questions thoroughly, sharing her experiences with Ammo and Arsenal in their home with her children. She shared pictures and anecdotal stories of Indigo and her litter-mates. It was obvious right away that these puppies were part of their family. Not only did I sense the familial element of her breeding program, she obviously put the time and effort into the health of her dogs. Sadly, in my search for the perfect puppy, I’d seen many backyard, hobby breeders producing unhealthy puppies with hip and knee issues. Stephanie confirmed the importance of the hip and joint certification in a giant breed. I was impressed right away. When we met Indi, in her home, we had the opportunity to spend time with Ammo and Arsenal and Stephanie’s lovely family. I felt 100% confident we had found the right pup and the right breeder. She sent Indigo home with a blanket, transition food, microchipped, health guarantee, and vitamin supplements, Indigo has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She attracts attention wherever we go! Not only is she a stunning giant (120 lbs at 18 mos), she is warm and loving and sweet as pie. Her motherly instinct is obvious with our smaller dogs and our young granddaughter. She is fiercely loyal and she is gentle and patient. I couldn’t have asked for a better big girl to share our life with! We are so in love with Indigo and the Corso breed we are considering adding another this year... Stephanie has been very helpful in keeping me in the know on current and upcoming litters. I’m confident she will help me find the perfect sister for Indigo!


Brixton, Cooper and Rue

I have had Miniature Schnauzers as family members since 1993. I got my first one while living in Hawaii and absolutely fell in love with the breed. Over the last 26 years, I have shared my life with several of these wonderful babies. I got my first Smith fur baby in September 2014 (shortly after losing my beloved Rogue). Cooper was my first Liver Parti Schnauzer and little did I know that he would put me on the path of continually coming back to Stephanie and Ben. In February 2015 I brought Brixton home to join us and Cooper. His black body and little white chest reminded me so much of my first Schnauzer Max that I had to have him. I very much wanted a liver male and shared this with Stephanie. In July 2015 I received a call from Stephanie with the exciting news that a liver was part of the most recent litter but a female. Stephanie explained the pros of having a female and to this day I am glad I listened to her. Rue joined us in September 2015. All three of my fur babies that came from a Smith litter are healthy, well socialized, and were easy to train. Friends and family often ask where I got such wonderful dogs. Not only did I end up with three fur babies but an extended family. I love the Smith Family and cannot praise or recommend them enough. I am so glad that I made that call in September 2014. Thank you Stephanie for trusting me enough to have three of the little furballs.

With warm regards,




Ammo and Arsenal

This was our first Cane Corso and we were lucky to have found Smith Pets, who made the entire experience simple and easy! We drove all the way from Houston, Texas to pick up our baby. They made sure to advise us on how to be prepared for driving with a puppy for so many hours and what to expect. They always sent me updated pictures and videos so I could see my baby grow and interact with her siblings. Knowing that the puppies would grow up surrounded by children was important, especially for this breed. Socialization is key with a Cane Corso and I loved that the pups would begin socializing before she even came home! I believe that Ammo and Arsenal's temperaments are very appealing for a first-time Corso owner or someone who is looking for a family pet. Our Nala is the absolute sweetest and I think a lot of that comes from her parent's temperaments. We will definitely be purchasing our second pup from Smith Pets!!

The Anderson Family


Arsenal and Ammo

We purchased Kiara, a blue cane corso from Smith Pets around 2 years ago. We couldn't have made a better choice. It is obvious that the Smiths love their animals and put a lot of time and work into them. We spoke to a couple of other breeders, before finding the Smiths. They went above and beyond to answer questions and never tried to push us into a decision. Kiara has been extremely healthy and well-rounded from the beginning. She was easily trained and has been a pure delight. We will definitely only purchase from Smith Pets in the future.

The Anderson Family



Izzy's litter

I hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to let you know that Champ is doing great !! I can't believe he has grown up right before my eyes. Words can't express how grateful I am to how found you. He has brought nothing but joy and pleasure into my life. I love him to pieces. His behavior has been great, and he is so smart. I enjoy every moment I have with him and am so glad to have found Smith Pets and would highly recommend this business to anyone wanting a Miniature Schnauzer. Champ is energetic and playful. He loves to play fetch and run around. This breed is pretty incredible. Everything I've heard about this dog has been true. They are the BEST !! I was just a girl in search of a puppy and wanted a friendly furry lover in my life. Because of you, that's what I got, and thank you !! I have been told that dogs are good therapy and can honestly agree. I may have high blood pressure but being around Champ it seems like I'm always calm and have nothing to worry about (he keeps a smile on my face). Stephanie, you did a wonderful job raising Champ and I appreciate that. He will be getting neutered later this month as well. I also found this Dog Halloween Party that PetSmart is hosting and he will be dressing up for the occasion !! Of course, I will provide you with pictures. Thank you for the postcard as well I have it on my fridge as a constant reminder of you and your family. I have never had a puppy and it has been an experience but an enjoyable one. My boyfriend has warmed up to him as well, he loves him as if he were his son :) He has been a wonderful addition to my family and he loves to travel just as much as we do !!

Thank you for all that you have done !!

Many blessings to you, your family, and of course the puppies !!

May God continue to use you,



Lovie and Haiti

Snowflake and Olive Oils litter 

I bought my two little puppies(miniature schnauzers) from Smith’s Pets. I bought my first one last year in February 2012 and I bought the second in October 2012. Stephanie is amazing. She was very accommodating (we made about three trips until we finally decided to buy the puppy) and was extremely helpful in providing useful information about bringing home a new puppy, training, and just about the breed itself. These are very honest people and I highly recommend buying a puppy from them. Stephanie is very, very sweet and she makes sure you and your new puppy are taken care of.

Thank you so much for all your help!! Lovie and Haiti turned out to be wonderful companions and a joy to have :)

Jeff, Ali, and Kali

Bella and Ziggy

Daisy and Precious litter

With the loss of our 3-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, we decided to purchase another companion. After weeks of researching and calling breeders, we decided to go with Smith Pets. Stephanie was great to work with and very knowledgeable. Majoring in Animal Science helped me in what to look for in a good quality breeder versus a puppy mill. Smith Pets is a reputable breeder of quality puppies. Fortunately for us, we live close to Stephanie so we could go to her home and pick our puppy. Don't hesitate to purchase from the Smiths. I was very impressed with her facility and would recommend it to anyone. The puppies are handled daily, clean, socialized, and well-loved. We liked them so much we bought two (Bella and Ziggy). The vet check went very well and he said they were very healthy. We've had them a little over a month and are doing great! Bella loves playing fetch with her tennis ball and Ziggy is my 5-year-old daughter's lap dog. These two bring so much joy and excitement into our home especially after the loss of our last Schnauzer. Thank you Smith Family for everything.



Daisy's Litter

Stella literally stops traffic when we are out for walks around town. People are always stopping to pet her and frequently ask us where we got her. She is an absolute delight with such a great big personality. She passed her vet checkup with flying colors and is already responding to simple commands within just a few weeks of being home with us. I was very hesitant about purchasing a puppy online, but Stephanie did a great job answering all my questions, sending me updates and pictures, working with me on the payment, and rearranging her family's schedule to accommodate me being able to pick Stella up around my schedule. It was a wonderful experience all around.

Mike and Caitlin


Precious' litter

Muffin has been everything that we wanted and more. She has been a complete joy in our lives. Every day we get to watch her personality grow. She is extremely bright and we are surprised how fast she is learning everything. She has a heart of gold. Michael and I love her so much and are so happy that we have her in our lives. She came into our lives at the right time. We are very glad that we found you and chose you as our breeder. We don’t think we could be any happier. We would recommend you to anyone trying to find a Miniature Schnauzer puppy. Thank you for everything.

Christy, Harry and Family


Izzy's Litter

Hi Stephanie!! Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Danin. He is 5.5 pounds now and loves his big brother Max (Irish wolfhound). It is not unusual to find Danin hanging off of Max's tail. It is very funny to see our little guy "fighting" with our big guy. He has adjusted well and loves his new family. We picked the right dog for us and for him.

Thanks so much !!!

Heather and Michael


Galaxy's litter

Camie has been nothing but an absolute joy to Michael and me. She is the absolute best gift we have ever given ourselves :) lol! This past year has just been so much fun with her in our lives. She is seriously a hoot. She has grown so much from that little tiny hamster-looking puppy ;), into an amazingly beautiful looking schnauzer & I could not have been more pleased with her. I get non-stop questions about her whenever I take her out, and people just awe at the fact that she is a black and white schnauzer. Being from E-town you might be familiar with her groomer, "Sam Russels Pet Provisions", she has become one of their favorite dogs! They even give her "special treatment" and put feather extensions in her hair every time I take her to get groomed! LOL. We are getting ready for our next adventure as a family, we have been stationed @ Fort Bliss, in El Paso, TX.. so I am kinda nervous for her.. they don't really have ANY grass down there in that desert of a town! Anyways, I just wanted to shoot you an email & let you know that I could not be any happier with Camie & I appreciate everything you & your family have done, and keep doing to raise such a great doggy! :)



Tillie's Litter

Here are a couple of photos of Charlie. I ran into your mom the other day with Charlie!! We absolutely LOVE him. he is so smart and fun and loves everyone! He is house broke and has been for awhile now, he loves to go outside and play or just sit with our big dogs, and they love to play with him. He loves our indoor cat, but she isn't to excited about being invaded, so she just teases him. but they sleep in the laudry room (he in the crate and her in her bed). I saw your new batch! soo cute, i telleveryone that asks where i got him and just how good he is and how happy we are with him.

Combs Family


Galaxy's Litter

My husband and I were looking for a new addition to our family and knew that we were wanting a quality miniature schnauzer. We were especially interested in finding a rare color and a schnauzer that could eventually become a therapy dog for children. We had looked several places around Kentucky and other states but we were not satisfied with their service. As we were searching the internet, we found Smith Pets in Elizabethtown and placed a phone call for more information. Stephanie's willingness to answer our questions about the specific color, size and temperment of the breed spoke alot about her love for the breed and wanting to make sure each customer received the puppy they were searching for. Stephanie goes beyond most breeders and sends weekly updates along with videos of each puppies progress. We were truly excited to get to see our puppy grow each week and get weekly updates. After having Peanut in our home for a few months now, the Smiths are still more than willing to answer any question we have. I would highly recommend Smith Pets to anyone that is looking for a quality breeder and new addition to their family.

Todd, Jennifer, Kristen and Kelsey

Max and Jax

Emma and Izzy's litter

This was our first family dog. I was a little nervous as this was a complete surprise for the wife and kids. After speaking with Stephanie I was immediately at ease and confident in their professionalism. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. In fact, we are currently awaiting our second one; a toy mini schnauzer...Jax. Max has been a complete joy for our family and everything we could have wished for in a dog. He is doing very well and a total blast for everyone in the family. I highly recommend Smith Pets for their professional attitude, character, and continuous support. When you meet them you will immediately notice that they are lovers of all their animals, including yours. Their family photo on the home page is truly representative of what to expect: Christian, Integrity, and Supportive.

Jared and Ashley


Fergie's litter

My husband and I knew we wanted a new member to our family and we knew we wanted a Boston terrier, but we didn't know where to go or how to find one. Searching the web we ran across Smith Pets, what a great surprise too. Smith Pets was so easy to work with. We found our perfect new puppy and couldn't think Smith Pets enough for all the information and education given to us throughout the process. Stephanie always kept us updated weekly and had answers to all my questions. I couldn't be happier with our new puppy Ziggy. Thanks for everything Smith Pets, we will defiantly be recommending all our friends and family.

Chris and Michael


Fergie's litter

We just recently purchased our very first Boston Terrier and her name is Snoopie. We purchased her from Smith Pets and she is out of Jake and Fergie's last litter. Ben and Stephanie have been nothing but awesome to me and my family throughout this entire process. I feel that while purchasing Snoopie and even to this day that not only did we acquire the sweetest puppy but we also acquired lifelong friends. I have purchased other dogs through breeders but this is the first time that I have been made to feel like I was more than just a buyer. Thank You Ben and Stephanie for everything. God Blessed you with a very awesome talent in breeding these wonderful dogs. Sincerely, Michael and Christine Dunne

Kellen and Julia

Paladin and Buster

Fergie's Litter

My husband and I knew we wanted to get a Boston Terrier and began searching for a breeder. We came across several breeders selling show-quality dogs with high prices, but we just wanted a pet, not a show dog. We came across Smith Pets and were impressed with what we saw on the website. We became even more impressed when we contacted the Smith Pets. They are very family-oriented, knowledgeable, friendly, and had reasonable prices. We were able to see our puppy in person and ended up purchasing 2 puppies! They both were just too precious we could not pick one over the other! We are very happy with our decision to buy from Smith Pets and thoroughly enjoy our new additions.



Fergie's Litter

I can't thank Stephanie and Smith Pets enough for my new little man, Barklee! Since this is my first puppy experience I did extensive research before deciding on a Boston Terrier. Then I researched breeders in my area. Smith Pets came highly recommended by a dog trainer in my city. I found their website and was impressed with the personal touch and love for their pets that came through in every word and picture. I emailed Stephanie to be put on a notification list for one of her puppies. She responded right away and told me she would keep me informed on upcoming litters. A few months later Fergie's litter had arrived and Stephanie emailed me right away. After we spoke on the phone I knew I was ready to pick out my new best friend and I trusted that Stephanie would take great care of him before he came to his forever home. She didn't disappoint! Stephanie kept me updated weekly with pictures and the status of his progress. The entire process was a joy from the start! When the day came to bring Barklee home, Stephanie sat down with me to go over all the details and made me feel at ease with her information and support. Barklee is healthy and an absolute sweetheart. I didn't hear a peep out of him on the 2 1/2 hour drive home. When we arrived home I opened his crate, he walked right over to his puppy pad and did his business! Stephanie told me he was doing really well with his paper training and she was right. We've had very few accidents. The blanket Stephanie sent home with us really helped to calm his nerves the first night and he has slept through the night ever since! I highly recommend Smith Pets to anyone interested in a happy, well-balanced puppy. Barklee is such a joy and I am so pleased I got him from Smith Pets! Thanks again!!



Fergie's Litter

I recently helped my mother welcome a new companion into her life with the purchase of a Smith Pets Boston Terrier puppy. From my initial phone call to Smith Pets we were made to feel like we were a part of the Smith Family. Stephanie couldn't have been more helpful in answering our endless questions and giving us weekly updates. Rosie is feisty, funny, and full of energy!! She is a perfect fit for my mother and a great addition to the family. Not only did we get a great puppy we also got a great friend in Smith Pets. Thanks, Stephanie & family for all you did!!



Suzie's Litter

My husband use to have a Boston Terrier a long time ago and he always wanted another one, so we began looking online. We found Smith Pets website and I emailed Stephanie and told her we were interested in a male Boston Terrier. She was really great at keeping us updated on when he would be ready and we became friends on Facebook so she could send me pictures and videos. On June 6th we brought home Tater our very spoiled Boston Terrier. He is a joy and a wonderful addition to our family. Smith's Pets is very professional and very informative on the dogs they breed. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you very much Stephanie!!!!!!



Emma's last litter

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Smith's Pet's for the wonderful gift our family got when we got Winston. He has fit in perfectly!! Thank you Smith family for the easy transition from your home to ours. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a wonderful pet to take home and love. Keep doing what you're doing, you complete a lot of family lives.

Kyle and Stephanie


Suzie's litter

It took us a long time before we came upon Smith Pets but as soon as I saw the website I loved it. I told my husband you have to look at this then the next day I had him on the phone with Stephanie. Such a wonderful person to buy a puppy from. From day one when we put down a deposit on Bella she sent us updates and pictures of her at least once a week sometimes twice. I was even able to call her and check up on Bella before we got to bring her home. I just knew by talking to Stephanie that Bella was going to be a wonderful puppy because of all of the time and love that she takes with each and every puppy. I can say that if we ever decide to add another puppy to our family Smith Pets is who I'll be calling. Thank you Stephanie and your Family for everything.

Jamie Ammons


Suzie's Litter

I am very happy with Smith's Pets. The whole process of purchasing Beemer was wonderful and easy. Stephanie does a great job keeping you informed on how your puppy is doing and sends updated pictures often. I could tell she cared so much for the puppies and where they were going. It was also great that she supplied you with a collar, blanket, food, and treats. Beemer is doing great and is 5lbs at 11 weeks. The vet said he looks perfect! Would buy again from Smiths pets! Thanks Smith Family!

Bret and Ashely


Lucy's Litter

We knew for some time that we wanted a Boston Terrier but finding a reputable breeder was difficult. After a lot of searching, we decided that Smith Pets was right for us. Lucy delivered her litter a few days later and we quickly contacted Stephanie to put down our deposit on Lilly. From the time of that first call, we have felt that we are more than a customer to Stephanie. She sent us weekly pictures and sent videos of our baby making progress. Stephanie was great to answer our endless questions and was willing to make special arrangements for us to pick Lilly up and bring her home. We were at Stephanie’s home for nearly an hour going over paperwork and Stephanie answering all of our questions. We were not deceived by any of the pictures or information we received. Even after we have brought Lilly home Stephanie has been a great resource for us and checks on Lilly often. The care she has for her puppies while they are with her and after they come home is evident. We would highly recommend Smith Pets to anyone interested in a great addition to their family.



Lucy's Litter

I am so happy we found Smith Pets. Stephanie was so great to talk to when trying to pick out a puppy for our family. You can tell she is very knowledgeable and really loves what she does. After we picked a puppy, Stephanie kept us up to date on all his progress with pictures every week and a video of the first time he ate real puppy food. I asked lots of questions and still do and Stephanie is always quick to answer my questions and is very patient with me. We love our puppy and he has been such a wonderful addition to our home. He is very high quality and has such a shiny coat and so good nature. People stop us all the time to talk to us about him. Our next puppy will definitely come from Smith Pets.

Jen Tatro


Suzie's Litter

Everyone that visits our new puppy talks about how well-behaved she is. She has been really well-socialized with other dogs and with people, and we love her so much! My father-in-law said, "You can tell she is a quality dog from a good breeder!" We couldn't be happier with Sparta. I'm also glad I drove down from Chicago to Kentucky to pick her up. It was great to meet Stephanie and the Boston Terrier parents, and I feel great knowing that I picked a great dog from a great breeder.

Nicole Licursi


Snowflakes Litter

My son and I searched for a reputable breeder for months when we finally decided to get a new pup. Mrs. Smith and I e-mailed each other for a couple of days before making a decision and it was her absolute attentiveness and experience that made me trusting of her. We put a deposit on our schnauzer, Lucas, when he was just 3 days old. I really liked the fact that not only did this breeder make it a full-time job to raise these pups, but, it seems like she treats them like her family. She posts pics of her home and breeding sites online and after seeing her home in person, I can attest that the pics are accurate.

Every week we received at least one (sometimes 2) pictures or some form of contact from the breeder. This was also important to us because we wanted to bond with our dog as he grew and passed milestones important to his development. Once we picked up Lucas, we were informed of what we needed to know, prepared for our new lives as dog owners, and although I thought I picked my breeder's mind enough prior to picking him up, I continue to this day to contact Mrs. Smith if I have any questions or concerns. (This is really nice because already she's saved me a trip to the vet).

Now that Lucas has been with us a few weeks and he is nearing his 3 months of age, you can really tell he was very well socialized. This is truly priceless. As we watch other dogs misbehave around other animals, people, and namely children, we cherish the fact that he was pre-exposed to most of these elements of development early and given encouragement and love to process these situations properly. Yet another key ingredient in a great breeder!

I've already recommended my family and friends to check out the Smith's website and I encourage anyone reading this that if you're interested in getting a family pet if you get one from the Smiths, you'll be very happy with your newest addition. If you would like to e-mail me with any other questions regarding this breeder please contact Mrs. Smith and she'll provide you with my e-mail address.

Jeremy and Angelina

Roger and Ruby

Lucy & Suzie's Litter

We couldn't be happier with Smith Pets! They are breeders that obviously care so much for their dogs. Since the day we picked up our two Boston Terriers, they have thrived. They are very healthy and happy pups. This is a direct reflection of where they came from. Stephanie still keeps in touch with us. We send her e-mails and pictures occasionally. As a caring breeder, she always e-mails us back. We know that the Smith's have just as much love for Roger and Ruby now, as they did when they first cared for them. Both of us would highly recommend them to anyone interested in the breeds that they provide. We'll always buy from Smith Pets!

Jason and Mary Ann

Bentley and Cooper

Suzie's litter

I would love to share something with everyone that is planning on purchasing a new puppy or adding a companion to the family. I and my husband Jason are so happy we found the Smith Pets website. We ended up purchasing 2 Boston Terrier puppies and they are from the same litter. They are so cute and lovable and getting big now. They just turned 4 months. I will definitely recommend Stephanie Smith and her husband to buy Boston's or any other kind of breeds that she sells. Oh by the way the funny thing about all this is that the breeder's last name is also my last name. We ended up naming them Bentley & Cooper.



Lucy's Litter

I bought my baby Sophie from Smith pets in March of 09. It was a great buying experience. Stephanie was very helpful and answered every question and concern that I had. My puppy is very healthy and happy. I have and will recommend Smith pets to anyone. I will be purchasing another pup from them soon.



Lucy's litter

I actually changed his name to Truman after a few days of having him home. George just didn't seem to fit him. He is doing well and still growing. You can see from the picture that his ears are standing up more now so he is starting to be recognized as a cute little Boston!!

Thanks again! He is very loved!



Emma's Litter

I thought you would like to see a picture of Melora. The second one is my favorite, she is always giveing us "the look" when she wants something. She is doing great and we love her lots. 



Emma's litter

Wanted to give you an update on Jasmine. She's doing very well and growing up fast. I have created an online blog that I am updating weekly with pictures of her. Thanks again for our wonderful puppy,we love her and she is doing great!!



Suzie's litter

Here is a new pic of Maddie running through the yard. It is quite an action shot. She is doing great and we continue to be very happy with her and she is part of our family for sure.



Suzie's Litter

Hello. I took a bunch of pictures yeasterday of Bella and Chloe playing in the yard. She is very sweet. She and Chloe are the greatest of friends. You can see that she is a beautiful and healthy litte girl. The pictures show that she had quite a bit of brindle on her. Everyone loved her at school as well.



Suzie's litter

Molly is doing sooo good. She sleeps through the night. She crate trained herself actually :) Brought her home, and the kids were there. They, of course, wanted to hold her and kept taking turns. While that was going on, I was setting up her crate. As soon as they put her down - she ran to it, and it has been her "spot" ever since. She goes in there all the time, doesn't even whimper when we close the door. She has been going outside pretty well. Still having accidents, but mostly because I don't catch her quick enough. She has an awesome personality, and everyone is crazy about her. She's a dream puppy, and we all have fallen in love with her (me especially) She latched onto me as soon as we left your house. For the first 24 hours, I barely put her down. Since then she seems to be really adjusted loves car rides & loves to play!

Laura and Daniel


Fergie's litter

Wanted to thank you again for everything.

Oliver (we decided on a name!) is just a joy and so precious

and we couldn't be happier!

He also went to the vet this morning and he's very healthy

and everything looks great! Just wanted to let you know-

Thank you and Merry Christmas!



Galaxy's Litter

Thank you for everything! It was a pleasure for me as well...very professional and organized. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who may ask in the future. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!

Kelly and David


Fergie's Litter

Smith Pets is wonderful. The whole process from the initial call about the pups to the final pickup was great! Stephanie's love of Bostons makes you feel comfortable and confident that you are choosing a breeder that cares. Once we picked out Bailey, Stephanie provided weekly picture updates and even a litter cloth to help make the transition to a new home a little easier. The information she provided about new little Bostons also made taking home a little pup less stressful. I will be calling Stephanie again when we want to add another Boston.



Lucy's Litter

I had a great experience in dealing with Smith Pets. I had many questions before I bought a puppy, and how it would affect my life. Stephanie answered all my questions in a timely manner, and was able to provide suggestions in preparing for a new puppy at my home. Once I recieved my puppy, I couldn't have been more pleased. Franklin was very friendly and sociable, easy to train, and had a good tempermeant. Stephanie still keeps in contact with me. I would highly recommend Smith Pets and would go back in the future!



Tillie's Litter

Faith has been a highlight for both my husband and I. She's very

playful and jumps in excitement when either of us enter the room.

She's also very spoiled already and shows us unconditional love.

Faith is so smart and has been training very well (both potty and

learning to sit and stay already). I would definitely recommend Smith

Pets to anyone I know searching for a puppy. Stephanie always

answered all of our emails, almost immediately, and provided

information to us on our specific breed. She has even been in contact

with me several times since we brought Faith home, answering all of my

questions and being patient and compassionate.

Leanne and Randy


Tillie's Litter

I Highly recommennd Smiths Pets to anyone who is interested in getting a perfectly cared for, loved and adorable puppy or dog. I bought my little Honor from them Jan. 6th, 2010 and living in Fl. they were so accomodating, they met me at the airport to deliver him to me. Stephanie and Ben Smith are so wonderful to work with as I had numerous emails with lots of questions and concerns and Stephanie, like clockwork, was there answering all of my concerns! She is just amazing! I have not only gotten the most adorable baby, but have also made a lifelong friend. Thank you so much!!



Molly's litter

I was very impressed with how quickly Smith pets answered all my e-mails regarding Ella (even what I felt like were silly questions.) We've been very pleased with Ella- she's a precious member of our family and even puts up with my four grandkids every other weekend and is very good with them! I was also pleased with being able to meet her before hand and how they worked with us on pick up times, etc. She is a sweetie and we have already fallen head over paws in love with her!



Fergie's Litter

When we first visited Stephanie to determine the conditions of the breeder and the environment for the dogs we could tell that she immediately knew what she was doing. At that point in time we weren't sure if we wanted to get a Boston Terrier or a Schnauzer. Stephanie provided us with a detailed Pros and Cons sheet on both dogs. Rather than trying to sell us on one of the two breeds she remained very unbiased and attempted to completely educate us on both breeds so we could make an informed decision to best suit our family. When the time came to pick a dog from the litter we were unable to make the 2.5 hour drive from our home to Stephanie. We were concerned about picking via photo and email but Stephanie was very descriptive and very honest about each and every available dog. We were able to easily pick the dog we wanted. Once we received the dog and took him to his first visit to the vet she first phoned us just to tell us how adorable he was. The vet phoned again later to let us know that we had a perfect dog. Jake's bones, muscles, eyes, ears absolutely everything she could think of about him was perfect. We highly recommend Smith Pets and will use them in the future!



Fergie's litter

I had an absolutley wonderful experience working with the Smith Family. They are very professional and they understand how big a moment buying a puppy is. Stephanie is a very knowledgable breeder and greatly cares for her dogs. My dog is the cutest little guy and has brought so much joy to my day. Thanks for all of the help. I am loving "Arnold."


Phillip and Susan

Fergie's litter

I just wanted to let you know Kati had her annual check-up although she was a year in October they didn't want to see her until this month. She weighed 18.9 lbs. She is in excellent health. We love her soooooooooooo much and she is a pure joy. She brings laughter to out house daily and we have decided she is the smartest dog alive. She was house-broken in a month... I know that might be hard to believe but we worked with her daily and she has never had an accident. The doctors told us she was just perfect. Of course we had not doubt. She goes monthly to the groomer because she wants to always be beautiful :) I know she can get a bath and nails at home but this is our treat to her. She loves it and all the girls know her by name they call her "Kati Dog" although I know she is thinking "Dog?" she in convinced she is human. I know most people think all dogs deserve homes like hers, but all "HOMES" deserve a Boston like her. Please tell her mom and dad she is loved and well taken care of and looking forward to vacation again. She loves to travel with us. Thanks again for the most perfect "baby". She certainly filled the void in our heart.

Snorkle and Brownie


Tootsie's litter

I'm very pleased with Smith Pets. Stephanie Smith cares a great deal for her pets and even more so for her customers. I recently bought two Snorkie puppies (Snorkle and Brownie) from Stephanie and I'm very happy with the experience. I have and continue to recommend Smith Pets to anyone looking for a great little doggy. Snorkle and Brownie play and and wrestle around with each other, which is very cute. I really like the Snorkie breed.



Tootsie's litter

Smith Pets Is The Best!!!!! Thanks to Smith Pets we recently added a wonderful new member to our family, Booger, a Snorkie. In choosing a dog I was looking for a professional breeder who loves their animals and treats them and their customers like family. I found this in Smith Pets. Stephanie's website is well done and kept up to date. She responded to my emails promptly, answered all my questions and was there for us every step of the way. After we chose our baby she provided us with weekly updates/ pictures and made us feel like we were there for the whole process. I am happy to report Booger is doing great! He's a healthy, well-adjusted puppy with loads of personality. I believe this comes from the expert breeding and environment in which Stephanie provides. If you are looking for a top-notch breeder who cares about her animals and provides great customer service go no further - you have found it in Smith Pets!



Tootsie first litter

I recently purchased my new baby, Cricket, from Smith’s Pets. While I was deployed to Iraq I started searching for my perfect companion for my return home. I searched high and low for the best breeder out there. I wanted a breeder that cared about the puppies she bred and also a breeder that raised them in a home environment. I came across the Smith’s Pets website and was absolutely ecstatic to find out that she was willing to breed Snorkies… exactly what I was looking for! Having had a Snorkie previously I knew what to expect, but after bringing Cricket home, she was better than I could have ever imagined. Cricket’s temperament is excellent! I now have the perfect little companion that loves to love me, loves to play with me, and loves to learn and explore new things every day. Cricket immediately became the talk of the neighborhood and our family as well! I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Not only did Stephanie e-mail updates of the pregnancy, she e-mailed weekly pictures of Cricket prior to me picking her up. She made me feel like I was part of the whole process from the beginning which allowed me to form a bond with Cricket immediately. I am definitely looking forward to getting another Snorkie in the near future, and I will be contacting Smith’s Pets.



Izzy's Litter

Simone is doing great! She is so adorable and FULL of personality!! I think even the cat finds her too precious to be angry with... Thanks so much for keeping in touch and being so helpful throughout the whole process. I couldn't have asked for a better experience--or puppy, for that matter!!



Snowflakes Litter

Hurley is doing well...eating plenty...started to use the potty in the yard....and loving on us like crazy. Saw the vet today and she weighed 2 lbs! She is getting bigger! I just wanted to tell you and anyone who might be thinking of getting a pet, that you have been fantastic to work with. Such a joy to have pictures and videos from the start until you meet your little puppy! Our family has been so blessed with Hurley and have you to thank for picking us to be her forever home! I reccommend you so highly! I told our vet about you and the puppies you breed and she said she will pass the word to others that call and ask about your schnauzers! Thanks for being so professional, friendly and loving to not only the puppies but to the puppies new future/new families! You should be proud of the service you provide! Thanks again for everything! More pictures to come I promise! Jenny, Chip and Turner

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