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Starting March 1, 2021 we will be making changes to our notification list process, we have decided to have a notification list and a waiting list. 

● Notification list information...

   The notification list will be for those that are casually looking and would like to be notified of upcoming litters. You will be notified anytime we have puppies available via email. This will be good for only three months and people on the notification list will be notified AFTER the waiting list. These will not go in an order everyone will be notified at once and puppies will be sold to first approved application that responds.

● Waiting list information...

   The waiting list is for customers that are positive they want to purchase a puppy from us. You will have the first choice of available puppies, we will start at the top of our waiting list and go down. There will be a $25.00 deposit required this will go towards your puppy. This deposit is not refundable if you change your mind and these will be good for 12 months.


This form is the first step in the puppy purchase either for notification/waiting list or current babies. 


*If you would like to place a deposit on a currently available puppy or would like to be added to our waiting list for a future baby we will need this application first.

*We will always start with our waiting list first before we add available puppies to the website/Facebook.

* If you are filling out the application for a currently available puppy the following doesn't apply

***If you are filling out the application to be added to our waiting list for a future puppy/litter please read below.

- In order to be added to our waiting list we will need the application filled out

- Once your application is submitted you will be contacted if your application is approved or if we need additional information.

- If you application is approved in order to be added to the waiting list we will now be requiring a $25.00 deposit. This will go towards to total price of your puppy.

- We will also send you a waiting list agreement form to look over and sign.

- Once puppies have arrived we will start at the beginning of our waiting list by date of deposit and go down from there.  We will only be accepting a limited amount of applicants for the waiting list at a time.

- If you have no exact preference for puppy the waiting list will move rather quickly. If you have a preference for sex and color it may take longer. Females tend to be more requested.

- Deposits are non-refundable unless a puppy has not been offered to you within 18 months time.

- More details about the process will be sent to you before you place a deposit if your application is accepted.

- We reserve the right to first pick from any litter.

We are changing things up to prevent having a huge stack of applications for our notification list. At this time I had 30 applications in our folder and have to notify them individually most of the time with no response back. We are trying to save ourselves time and to get our list moving a little faster. 

This questionnaire is a step in the purchasing process of your future family member, this is not a guarantee of a puppy until a deposit has been placed. On VERY RARE occasions we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we believe will not have the perfect home for our fur babies.

Name *

Email Address *

Contact number *

What breed are you interested in? *

Please tell us if you are applying for a current puppy, notificaiton list or waiting list. *

Have you previously or do you currently own this breed? *

Do you have any other dogs? Are they altered (spayed/neutered)? *

Do you have children? If so have you discussed with them the responsibility of taking care of a puppy? *

Do you have a fenced in yard? If not will you be able to effectively keep your puppy safe while outside? *

Do you own your home? If not have you checked with your landlord to make sure that this breed is ok? *

MINIATURE SCHNAUZER ONLY Do you understand that the schnauzer requires regular grooming AND clipping to avoid matting? *

Do you agree to contact us in the case you may need to rehome your puppy? *

Have you read our new puppy checklist page? *

Have you read our parasite and your puppy page?*

Have you read over our health guarantee? This needs to be read and understood BEFORE a deposit is placed. *

At this time we no longer allow people into our home to pick up/visit puppies for the safety of our family. Please be sure you have read this page. Do you understand and agree to meet us? We are in Elizabethtown, KY. *

Do you understand that all of our puppies are sold as PET ONLY on a spay/neuter contract? Some litters will have the option to purchase full rights but this is to be discussed prior to an deposit being placed and will be an additional amount. If we have discussed this please be sure to give us information below about your breeding program. *

We do not allow anyone to view the puppies before they are at least 6 weeks of age. Have you read over our pick up/visiting page? *

If applying for current litter which puppy are you interested in?

Please specify if you have a male or female preference.

Color prefernece?

Is there any additional information you would like for us to know about you are your family?

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