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-Puppy Food

You will be sent home with some. If you wish to change your puppy's food please follow the directions given to you in your puppy folder. We recommend you wait a week or two after bringing your puppy home before doing so. You CAN NOT switch a puppy's food all at once. 

***Due to supply chain issues in our area we are having to switch the food we start our puppies on back to Purina starting with our litter that was born 3/31/2022



-Puppy Treats

Small size treats reinforce your puppy's good behavior during training.

We like Milk Bone Mini's But any treats will do 

-Water & Food Bowls

Weighted ones are GREAT! New puppies have a tendency to turn them over and this will help prevent that to an extent. 

-Safe Toys

Toys that can't be torn up, chewed apart, swallowed, or entangles you will be sent home with one. Toys with plastic eyes and stuffing are not recommended.


Buy to fit your full-grown puppy


For training and travel


You will be sent home with one that will fit for a little while



Just your regular natural honey that can be purchased at the grocery. This is to help control blood sugar in smaller puppies when they come to their new homes. Stress can cause their blood sugar to drop it is not a genetic issue and will not last. We will send you home with paperwork on how to use it. YOU WILL BE SENT HOME WITH SOME


Plain all natural no artificial flavor or added sugar, the gross kind no one truly likes, lol. This is used to help keep the good bacteria up and the back bacteria down in their GI tract for the first week at their new home.


-Puppy ID Tag

For help with the safe return of your puppy is ever lost.

-Carpet Stain Remover

To help clean up those inevitable accidents.

-Pee Pad

Black/White newspaper will also work. Some colored ink can be unhealthy for puppies. 

-Heartworm Preventative

They will be sent home with their first dose of Heartgard or given it before they left if they have reached the 4 pound weight to start it. 

-Pet Shampoo

Blue dawn dish soap works wonders.

It is gentle and even helps with fleas! 

-Flea Prevention Products

They will be given their first dose before they leave if they have reached the 4-pound mark. 

-Ear cleanser

NuVet has a really good ear cleaner. It can be ordered at the link below when you order your puppy's vitamins. Ear cleaning is very important for good ear health.

-Dog Grooming Brush

A sturdy wire comb is needed for your schnauzer and golden it will make sure it gets through the hair and not just brushes on top of it.

A dematting tool is a good thing to have on hand for your schnauzer also. It will help remove mattes if they happen and can prevent you from having to cut them out.

A sturdy wire brush is also helpful for your miniature schnauzer and golden.

-NuVet Vitamin

You will be sent home with a few. These are strongly recommended for the first year of your new puppy's life. 

To order yours visit

or call 1-800-474-7044 use order code 74581

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