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Available Snorkies

We have no perceptive litters at this time.

Below I have noted some information about the Snorkies.

The main thing to note about a Snorkie is that they are a very sweet and loving dog. Although they can not be entered into any shows or contest because they are not purebred these dogs make great family dogs. In fact that is the only reason that you should ever purchase a Snorkie. If you do not want a companion this is not the dog for you. They are super easy to train and you should have no problem with potty training. These dogs are WONDERFUL with children and get along well with other animals. They also will have very few health problems. Overall a Snorkie is one of the healthiest dogs that you could ever own. I have pictures from previous litters on the past snorkies page if you are interested in seeing them. They generally look more like the schnauzer but have the coloring and texture of a yorkie!

Our Snorkies around 5 pounds, The largest we have ever had a maturity was 6 and the smallest was 2. The range of prices for our snorkies is $700 to $1000. We will on a rare occasion have them a little cheaper.

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