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Smith Pets Facilities

*** We have moved to a temporary location until we can sell our new home and start building on our land. Stick with us while we wait to get settled in our future home. At that time this page will be updated. The system of care is remaining the same.

This is our home and back yard. We have several males so our babies have to take turns having free run of the yard. When it is their turn they have the whole back yard that is just under an acre to run. Our children make sure they get lots of love attention and exercise. They are never lacking love!

This is the front view of our house!

Below is our back yard where all our babies run as much as they want!

Mothers and babies are kept in our home in our bedroom bathroom with us. When the mothers are due to have their babies they are kept here. We are with mother and babies constantly. None of the puppies will ever be placed outside, they will always be raised in our home until they come to your home. The mommies still get to get out and run but they are supervised more closely for their, along with their puppies safety. After the babies are born they stay in the birthing areas with their mothers until they start moving around really well. Then they, along with mommy, are placed in a play area where they will have plenty of room to play. After they are ready to leave their mommy they stay in the play area. Our puppies feet never touch grass until at least their first shot, although I prefer their second shots.

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