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We started Smith Pets Family Farm as our family homestead. We wanted to share with others our experiences and the benefits of living more off the land and less time with our faces stuck in a screen. We wanted to give our children the opportunity to grow up the way we did and learn from life experiences. We want our children to know how to live and feed their families if they are ever in a circumstance where they are unable to go to the store and buy food. We will be teaching them to raise animals for food, as well as growing a garden and preserving their own food. We will be learning and teaching ourselves along the way. This is our hope for our children's future. It is going to be a challenging, exhausting, sometimes hilarious but very rewarding experience so we are so glad you came to join in the fun with us.

My husband, Ben and I (Stephanie) both grew up in a very country setting, I on 50 acres of land with tons of horses and open space, he on less acres but still with cattle, chickens and other farm animals. We loved our childhoods and the slow, quiet, free lifestyle. Yes, our lives were busy and we had a ton of chores and things to do but it never felt like work and we loved it. Over time watching the direction our children were headed we wanted to get them back to that. We hated seeing that our children were so dependent on electronics of all kinds and not understanding how much being outside was enjoyable. It was at that moment that we decided that we wanted to start setting our goals on stepping back in time a little bit and teaching our children how to really enjoy life. We bought some land and have slowly started building our future. We of course are not off grid but do limitedour children's screen times to very minimal and instead are focusing them on more life lessons. So we invite you to keep checking in and watching us learn and hopefully learning a little along the way.

We will on occasion once we start getting established have calves, eggs, chicks, baby goats, feeders pigs, vegetables, soaps, firewood and other items available. We look forward to the future with our family and the opportunity to work with you and share our journey. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

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